How to run AdAware

First off you need to go to here to get AdAware.
Go ahead and get the free version.

Install it.
Then double click on the program icon to start the program.

Here is what you will see once it is open:

The first thing to do is ALWAYS check for UPDATES. Every time you go to run AdAware ALWAYS check for an update first.
So if you are not connected to the internet, connect now.
Click on Check for updates now.

Then click on Connect

If there is an update you will now see this dialog box:

Click on OK to download it.

Once it has downloaded click on FINISH.

We now need to Customize our settings.
Click on Customize.

The next dialog box we need to make sure the top option - Scan within archives is green. Click on it to change it from red to green.
We also need to click on the bottom option - Scan my Hosts file and make sure it is green also.

Once you have changed those two settings, click on Proceed.

Now we are back to Preparing for system scan. Click on Next.

It will start scanning all your files. So of course the more files you have the longer it will take. Once it is done you will hear this annoying noise and see a flashing spider like below. Opps the spider will not show in the screenshot! We now need to click on Next.

The next dialog box that comes up shows all the spyware files AdAware has found. You will need to left click on one of the files it found & then right click. Another box will open and chose Select All.

This will put a checkmark in all the items. Then click on Next.

Another box will open telling you how many you are wanting to delete. Click on OK.

It will now show you the program Quarantining & then Deleting. Then you will be back to the original dialog box.
Sometimes there will be a spyware that is running in the background that AdAware can not remove at this time.
It will give you a message asking if it is ok to run at your next boot-up. The best thing to do then is to restart.
AdAware will run before Windows completely boots up and will remove the last of the spyware.

You can now click on the X and close the program. You have successfully cleaned out your spyware! Congrats!

Make sure you run AdAware weekly. And ALWAYS update first then run your scan.
You will not have to do the customize again just click on thru and start scanning.