First I did change all my settings to match the walk-thru found here:

I however do on occasion and I am not sure the difference is but I have changed my Sample Density to 35 and the filter radius to 0.2

The first thing I do is open the Mutation window, The Adjust window & the Editor window. I have the Mutation window on top so I can see it well. Then I click on a few of the random batch images that Apophysis made when I first opened it. Watching the Mutation window for anything that sparks my interest. If I am wanting an image something like my Space Pods I am generally looking for something with holes in it. I don't generally find too much I like in the random batch. So what I do next is go to Script and choose either Spiral Batch or Spiral Batch2. Run the script and then start clicking on the different ones that it made. Watching of course the Mutation window again. I don't spend a lot of time waiting for it to render in the Preview window if I don't see anything that grabs my attention. Once I do then I generally lower the Gamma. Of course with the new beta you get stuck with the gradient it chose for all of the images. And let me tell you the gradient makes all the difference in the world. So once I find one I think has possibilities I open up the Gradient and just keep picking one. Seeing if anything is brought out by a different gradient then what I originally saw. Once I find a gradient I want to use I move on to the editor window. Now in here I haven't tried playing with the numbers and the tabs... but I do start moving the triangles around. Sizing them and seeing what it does for the flame. I zoom in when I find something that interests me. Play with the Gamma, Brightness and Vibrancy.

Below are some images I took while playing to show you some of the steps I do.

This one caught my attention because of all the holes.

This is what it looked like in the PREVIEW window.

Original placement of the triangles.

This was after I lowered the Gamma some.

Played with the triangles.

Image produced by moving and sizing the triangles.

Below are the same above flame with different gradients used.


The different gradients will make different things stand out.... and you then you will be moving and exploring all over finding a part that really interests you. For me the orange one looks interesting in the upper right hand corner. So I will be zooming in there and checking it out better. Playing with the triangles some more in the editor.. and of course.. hitting UNDO a zillion times. LOL

I also save my flames often. So I might have one flame named like this one Bez.. and then multiple others called Bez1, Bez2 etc.

I also find that some days.. the "good" flames just hide. On those days.. I close Apophysis. LOL I find at work that I am just playing and don't have to time to really get into Apophysis.. but it's there that I find the start of a lot of nice looking flames. So I save them and bring them home for further exploration.

I hope this helps you.